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  • In addition to the above options, we can recycle electricals for you in the UK, on a buy something similar and you send in old basis.
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  • It makes sense to recycle and keep out of landfill as much material as possible.

    We are giving emphasis to electrical goods because they contain lead and other toxins which leech out poisoning the soil and water supplies harming both humans and animals.

    Disposed of electrical equipment is a worldwide issue, and in the UK, for instance, is the fastest growing type of waste.

    The EU is working to tackle the problem by requiring countries to recover the maximum amount of waste electrical equipment and process it in an environmentally friendly manner.

    WEEE - Electrical or Electronic Equipment Directive. to discover more.

    If you are in Europe and unsure if an electrical item can be recycled, check it and your replacement item and packaging for the crossed out wheelie bin recycling symbol.

    If you are in the US there are also great recycling electrical goods and computers solutions.

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